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This is Rymco.

Our Mission

RYMCO seeks to preserve its legacy throughout providing the best customer experience for an automotive dealership, offering superior value to its stakeholders, providing a stimulating environment for its staff, and reassuring the community of its commitment.

Our Vision

RYMCO aims to maintain its leading position in the automotive sector by branching into new market segments, that cater to all its customers’ needs, and providing an exceptional customer service experience at the highest level of quality.

  • Rasamny-Younis Motor Company S.A.L. (RYMCO) is a joint stock company established in 1957 in Lebanon and is the only automotive dealer to be listed on the Beirut Stock Exchange since 1998. RYMCO is one of the leading vehicle retail dealerships in Lebanon, holding majority market share in the new vehicle retail industry, and commands a considerable portion of the used vehicle market.
  • Over the course of the last decade, RYMCO has been among the top 3 automotive players in Lebanon, managing to increase market share and surpass competitors through its retail and business to business strategies.
  • RYMCO is the sole retailers of Nissan Motors, Infiniti, GMC, Lada, McLaren Automotive, Lotus Cars, UD Trucks and Golden Dragon. RYMCO Powersports, our motorsports arm, carries the exclusive retailer agreements for Kawasaki, Peugeot scooters, Lambretta, Brixton and multiple accessories and gear brands.
  • Over the years RYMCO has successfully managed to maintain close relationships with the government, corporate and vehicle rental companies, securing multiple fleet sales and maintenance deals.
  • RYMCO owns and operates three after-sales facilities located in different areas around Beirut and has agreements with two sub-dealers. RYMCO was the first car automotive dealer in Lebanon to introduce the mobile workshop and fast lane services that ensure customer convenience and satisfaction, falling in line with our brand promise and strive to put our customers first.
  • RYMCO aims to maintain its leading position in the automotive sector by innovating into new market segments that cater to all customer needs and continuing to provide an exceptional customer service experience at the highest level of quality.

the Rasamny brothers founded Rasamny Brothers Inc. in the Liberian Republic . The family owned and operated a large business corporation that represented brands such as Chrysler, Ford and Honda in the automotive industry in addition to Palmolive, Colgate and other brands.


RYMCO built up its own showrooms, back-offices and after-sales facility in Chiyah and added the Australian brand, Holden, to the company's portfolio as a strategic move to grow the company.


Unfortunately, the Lebanese war left the Chiyah facilities in complete ruin and forced RYMCO to move from the Head quarters location to Deir Koubel at first and then to Choueifat, where a showroom and a service facility were set-up to cater customers' needs.


after the Israeli invasion, RYMCO was once again forced to move. They relocated from Choueifat to Hamra Street and then to Jal El Baher, (which was to later become an official RYMCO branch)


After 41 years of being a privately owned institution, RYMCO went public in 1998 to become the first and the only automotive dealer to be listed on Beirut Stock Exchange list.


RYMCO became the fastest growing automotive dealer in Lebanon growing its business by 85.7% from 4273 units in 2007 to 7932 units in 2008, historically no other dealer was able to achieve those sales figure in Lebanon.


RYMCO announced the opening of its new POWERSPORTS division and showroom in Mathaf area revealing thrilling new brands, including Kawasaki, Peugeot Scooters, Lambretta, Brixton, Spidi, XPD, Nolan, X-Lite, Grex, N-Com, SW-Motech whom RYMCO signed an agreement with, becoming their exclusive distributor in Lebanon.

RYMCO has outperformed with important and successful milestones, awards and recognition, controlling 50% of the Japanese market share.


Rymco was ranked number 1 car dealer in Lebanon, while the automotive industry dropped by 11%. This achievement was possible because of a 17% increase in Nissan sales and the contribution of Infiniti, GMC and Lada.


A Golden Partnership. RYMCO and Nissan Celebrate 50 years of true partnership. Nissan and RYMCO had 50 years of massive accomplishments which fueled their relationship and made it one of the most successful stories to be told in the region.

Children's Cancer Center
As part of its corporate social responsibility and after the launch of its donation campaign with Nissan Patrol, Rymco shared the joy and hope of the kids at the Children's Cancer Center of Lebanon.
RYMCO continuously supports Jouzour Loubnan in their objective to restore & protect forests by planting native trees in public lands while involving & empowering the local communities.
Brave Heart
RYMCO takes great pride and pleasure in aligning itself with BHF's goals, as it perpetually aspires to make a difference in the lives of children suffering from Congenital Heart Disease.
Red Cross
As part of Its corporate social responsibility RYMCO continuously supports the Lebanese red cross by offering new equipped vehicles to sustain their mission in society.
Red Cross
With the desperate need to help and save lives, Care was established in 2019 when Lebanon's financial crisis hit Lebanon the hardest. Many doctors and nurses have left the country, and hospitals had to request fresh dollars from their patients just to stay operational. Along with the reluctance of insurance companies to cover even part of the medical bill has left many Lebanese in dire. From it's creation till today, we were able to work with more than 40 hospitals all over Lebanon and cover more than 15,000 patients' medical bill across Lebanon.
Brave Heart
It is without a doubt that a healthy, educated, and integrated refugee will nourish the host community and leave a positive impact." Malaak is a non-profit organization that serves and strives to support education for refugees living in camp settlements in the Northern region of Lebanon. Malaak opened its doors in 2013 by immediately responding to the refugee crisis that developed in Lebanon. Despite the high economic, social, and infrastructural pressures refugees had on Lebanon, providing a safe space with the fundamentals to learn, mature, and grow into resilient individuals was a priority. Malaak serves both the host community and the refugee community equally.
// After Sales

Car Care You Can Trust.

Body & Paint

Your car’s paint is usually the first thing noticed by people. RYMCO takes great pride in keeping your vehicle looking and feeling brand new. Our body and paint department strives to keep your car looking like new, with a premium quality paint job service.


Quality, durability and performance, are the foundation of keeping your vehicle in a pristine condition. RYMCO offers genuine spare parts, with six months warranty to give you confidence and security, even thousands of kilometers down the road.

Mobile Workshop

RYMCO offers convenience and effectiveness through the Mobile Workshop service. The RYMCO Mobile Workshop goes to client locations, covering all areas in Lebanon, for your car’s periodic maintenance.


Service Centers

With four service centers across Lebanon, RYMCO is devoted to deliver the highest quality service in the industry.

Auto Repair

From diagnostics to the complete repair and servicing that your car needs, RYMCO is dedicated to offer clients the best in class automotive repair service. Our authorized service centers operate on global standards set by our partners, with trained and certified technicians, along with an exceptional customer service and support, to offer you a car care you can trust.

Fast Lane

Changing your engine oil and filter in no time! RYMCO established a quick service lane tackling engine oil & filter service with a dedicated team of technicians and service advisors.

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