November 1st 2016

Rasamny Younis launches "The Little Automotive Engineer" Initiative

Rasamny Younis launches

A Futuristic Vision to Educate Future Generations about Everything Related to Cars

Beirut, Lebanon, November, 2016 – Rasamny Younis Motor Company announces the launch of “The Little Automotive Engineer ", the first scientific initiative of its kind in Lebanon and the Middle East, through “RYMCO Winland”, the winning and amusement festival organized over the months of November and December, coinciding the yearly awaited festive season. The initiative aims to guide young generations to acknowledge basics that should be known in any vehicle. Hence increasing awareness among this age group, being familiar with all details before taking place behind the steering wheels.

The initiative is a joint collaboration between the company and "The Little Engineer”, an organization dedicated to educating young minds, and increasing public understanding and appreciation of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, through interactive tailored programs.

“We look forward to playing an effective role in guiding the new generations to be aware of all cars’ basics, and help them adjusting their choice when selecting a future car,  thus drive responsibly and safely, equipped with enough knowledge in case of emergency. “The Little Automotive Engineer" was launched within “RYMCO Winland” Festival however it has been made to stay as RYMCO’s ongoing CSR to guide new generations and provide them all vehicles knowledge related". Said Mr. Fayez Rasamny, CEO of RYMCO.

“We thank Rasamny Younis Motor Company for giving us the chance to be part of this creative platform that engages young people in science and technology. This activity shows that RYMCO and The Little Engineer share the same vision, working hard to inspire new generations and invest in them, in order to unleash their full potential in the latest technologies. We have a mutual mission that consists of preparing young talents and future generations to be fully equipped to meet tomorrow’s challenges. We expect more inspiring similar activities in the near future”. Said Rana Chemaitelly, Founder and CEO of the Little Engineer Association.

120 children will participate in Chiyah showroom activity, half of them with an age range between 10 and 15 years old, while the other half are all above the age of 15. Also, 60 children will be involved in Dbayeh showroom activity, 30 children with the age range 10-15 and 30 above 15 years old. All activities will take place between 2pm and 6pm, on Saturdays, November 26 and December 3 at Chiyah, and December 10 and 17 at Dbayeh showroom.

Winners from all rounds will be competing in the final round happening on Saturday, December 17 at Dbayeh showroom. Register your child to participate in this activity, by sending an email to: with the code: (RYMCOJAE2016).